Adobe Creative Residency

Previous work/resume: Chris Ruggiero

As someone who travels often and has recently moved to Los Angeles, I understand how easy it is to feel "lost" in a new place.

The Adobe Creative Residency will allow me to create video and audio content to inspire the audience to get out and live an adventurous life full of excitement.

My previous experience as a video creator, podcast host and live entertainer give me the skills to bring this project to life and connect with the community.


Adobe Premiere has made it possible for me to produce my own videos with nothing but a laptop and basic gear.


My podcast is hosted, produced and edited by myself thanks to Adobe Audition.

Additional podcast episodes (50+) available here.


I self-published this book and did the entire layout on zero budget, thanks to Adobe InDesign.

"Just Go" is my self-published debut book urging readers to take the first step, jump in, and GO.

The process of writing the book was an important lesson for myself as it was a big step into the unknown.

The process of writing, layout and publishing was an immense learning process that taught me essential lessons in budgeting time, storytelling and simply making things happen. 

More info on the book here.

The Adobe Creative Residency will allow me to pull from all my previous work to create an amazing resource for my audience. As you can see, I utilize a wide variety a outlets to share my message. To me, the message is all that matters. This opportunity will allow me to bring all my skills and passions together to inspire people to live an adventurous life, take some risks and see the rewards in doing so.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity.


PHONE: 610 509-3476