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Chris Ruggiero: Project vision

The overall goal of this project is simple: share creative inspiration with creatives who may be struggling to stay on task by seeking individuals who are making big things happen.

As a live theater performer and video creator, I've built a tremendous network of individuals who create amazing things.

In this weekly series, I will seek out the most interesting and inspiring creators across a broad spectrum of backgrounds and dig out what got them to take the first step to get started and more importantly where they get the drive to keep going when obstacles arise.

My sources of inspiration come from my past work fueled by curiosity and adventure. I understand how easy it is to talk yourself OUT of starting an idea. I'm here to provide tools and inspiration to talk yourself INTO making it happen.


What work have I done so far in this mission?

I see this project as an extension of the work I've already created:

  • The Between Dreams video series features videos that highlight performers and artists and allows me to better share their story through visuals.

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  • The Between Dreams podcast features longer form interviews. I've hosted and produced 65+ episodes with conversations with entertainers, authors, travelers, bloggers, and more. See full podcast lineup and listen to episodes here.

  • Stellar Mystique is a live variety/talk show I created and host that brings together a handful of inspiring entertainers to leave audiences with inspiration to get started on their ideas instead of waiting.

So where do we go from here?

The Adobe Creative Residency will allow me to commit all my time and resources to sharing this message with weekly videos and content.

I'm excited to get started.