Collaboration, not Competition will Make You Awesome

Competition exists everywhere. In one way it encourages every living creature to be its best in order to survive. Trees growing in a forest must compete to grow tall in order to reach the sunlight to stay alive.

But if you think about what the trees are doing, it’s helping each and every one to grow strong and tall. One tree isn’t sabotaging another in order to get more sunlight. They aren’t reaching out and pushing others over.

For some reason that’s what some people do. They understand that competition is necessary for everyone to grow and improve, but they take it to the point of harming others so they can triumph.

But what happens next? If you shut the other person down and you ‘win’ where are you left? It might look like you’re at the top, and maybe you are. But now you’ve eliminated competition at your level. Sounds awesome except now a whole new breed of competition is coming up together to take your crown. You won’t be developing new skills to tackle new problems that arise because it looks like no one can touch you.

They’re coming for you.

They are competing for your title, but not in the way you did it. They are collaborating like the trees. Encouraging each other to fight and grow tall.

In the forest, there is no winner. No emperor that wins the battle to be the best tree. That would be a pretty lame looking forest and no one would be impressed by that one tree.

Look at the trees, they are all surviving. All growing tall. All working together to create an amazing forest.

When we look at competition as a collaboration we build each other up rather than tear each other down, and we can create something larger than any one person can comprehend.

Let’s be like the trees. Let’s build a forest together.