Travel Tip: How to use hotel key cards to remember your favorite trips

"Remember that crazy night in XX town 2 years ago?" your best friend asks. 

"Wow I can't believer I almost forgot about that!"

Sound familiar? Of course. We experience awesome things all the time. In those moments we think we'll remember it forever. But it's so easy to forget things, experiences and even people that we meet. 

I'm on the road traveling almost all the time, so I'm meeting new people, and getting in to weird situations that are often quite interesting and memorable. Still, I forget all about them. 


One thing that every new place has in common is that I stay in hotels, which have key cards that you don't need to return. Recently, I decided instead of throwing these little souvenirs away, I'll keep them and write a little note about my stay on them. Just a little note including the date of the stay, why I was there and if I met any interesting people. 

I haven't figured out a way to organize them yet, so right now it's just a big stack of a few hundred cards. Leave a comment with your idea of how to organize them if you have an idea!

It's fun to look through them every once in a while and remember moments that have slipped my mind. I want to constantly be creating great memories so I will continue to forget old ones. With my collection of key cards, they will live on for me to re-live those experiences. 

How do you remember different trips and adventures you go on? Maybe you are into sketching or taking photos.

Some people say you should just enjoy the moment and not worry about ruining it by worrying about getting a photo or making a sketch. Sometimes that's true. I agree, but taking 5 minutes during or after each day to make that memory a bit more permanent is well worth it. 

Keep making memories, but don't let the new ones completely erase the old ones who made you who you are today.

And if you see me alone at a hotel bar, come say  hello. Your memory will live forever in my little stack of remembered moments.