How to make friends (and memories) with a toy camera


Having a camera in your pocket at all times is a really awesome thing. 

Whether you post your epic #avacado and #kale #supersmoothie or you're 3-times-daily selfie, instagram has made it easier than ever to make our lives look incredible to our 'friends'.

I remember as a kid, looking through old photographs. The ones you could hold, not just swipe, and it was awesome. There's something about holding them that brings you back to the moment. 

Our photos are now just passing images on a screen. Gone forever the next time you lose your phone or when instagram becomes the next myspace… gone forever. 

I wanted to create memories that lasted longer than my fragile piece of plastic in my pocket, so I picked up a cheap Instax instant camera (I chose the Instax mini 8, which you can find online for about $65) and an overpriced Moleskine notebook. 

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People are always intrigued and fascinated when they see the camera. 

I've gotten into the habit of capturing the moment with new people I meet as well as old friends. The credit card sized photo pops out instantly and we wait anxiously for the image to magically appear. No re-takes, what you get is what you get. And there's no delete button. You have a picture to remember this moment for the rest of your life.

The photos get taped into the notebook and a "comment" is added by the friend. They're encouraged to write whatever they want. 

I'm left with a collection of people and places that I can look back at and actually remember the little things of that particular day that I'd otherwise forget. 


You don't need to buy a camera and take photos with people, but you should figure out a fun way to connect with your friends, meet new ones, and have some way to keep those memories alive. 

What do you do to remember awesome moments in your life? Leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to have some new ideas for when I forget my camera.