A weird thing happened...

I have a few new projects that I'm working on that will really launch me to the next level. Everyone says stuff like that all the time. I'm sorry for sounding like everyone elseI’ll back it up.

I’m launching my new clothing brand, creating an entirely new live presentation for schools and corporate events and continuing to improve my One Man Variety Show.

I’ve been taking small steps each day to bring each one of these out of my mind and into reality. I’ve been posting in this blog almost every day for the past week or so to organize a lot of thoughts and share ideas. These are the foundations for my new presentation.

I obsessively check the stats on website visitors when I post something new, hoping for some reason that it will get tons of views. It usually doesn’t, but I’m ok with that.. for now. It’s a good lesson that overnight successes never happen overnight. If I can entertain or inspire one more person than the day before, that makes me happy. I’m not looking for success. I understand that the closer you get, the further away it is. There’s no moment of success. It’s a path that you must be content with at each step of the way.

I’ll say that again, I don’t want success.

I want progress. I’m a little bit better today than I was yesterday, but only because I decided to be. I can’t just say I’m better. I have to actually do something that proves I’m better.

I practiced some juggling, walked on the tightrope, worked on booking shows, and forced myself to write a blog post.

Now back to the weird thing.

Sometimes I have long periods of time off from doing shows. It’s easy to get very lazy and just hope for the best. Sometimes that’s what I do. It never works.

Other times, I take action and start working on things I’m excited about. I’ll create a new podcast episode, work on a t-shirt design, figure out a way to make my website better. It doesn’t really matter what exactly I do. It’s more in the mindset change that I’m doing something to make tomorrow better.

The weird thing that happens every time I put massive energy into making things better is that things get better. Doesn’t seem very weird I suppose, but it is.

It’s weird because things often get better in a way completely unrelated to the work I put in. We’re all aware of Newton’s Third Law. For every action, there’s an equal re-action.

This simply means if you push on something, it pushes back. When you put effort and energy into something, it can’t simply just go away. It is tranferred into making something move or creating heat or SOMETHING.


Every time I put effort into one thing, that effort comes back to me in some form.

When I first started my podcast it was very challenging. It definitely would have been easier to not do it. I did it anyway because I believed in it. We all know it’s hard to make money hosting a podcast, but as soon as I started putting the effort in, shows and money manifested themselves when I needed them the most.

I’m currently putting a lot of effort into preparing my new presentation. No one really knows about it and there’s no promotional material available, but yesterday an agent asked if I had a date open to do a presentation exactly like the one I’m preparing. You might say this is a coincidence, and maybe it is.

But I have to believe there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Today is pretty good. Better than yesterday. But it’s not perfect. Tomorrow won’t be perfect either, so I’ll keep trying.