Everyone keeps quitting because they're losers. Don't be a loser.

Circus skills have a pesky way of constantly reminding me how much I suck at things. It would be really easy to quit all the time, but I keep going because I'm not a loser. 

The New York Times released an article saying more than 95% of blogs are abandoned. Sometimes I make up statistics, but I didn't make this up.

Why do so many people start things and give up? Maybe you're not into blogging, but we all have many things we started doing with a whole lot of enthusiasm then quit right when it started to get difficult. It's so easy to look at the people who are already successful and say, "I could do that."

No you can't.

Well you could. But you're not. 

You keep giving up and complaining. 

Why did they 'make it' while I'm still here envious of their success?

Because they didn't quit.

They were excited, so they started. It sucked, but they kept going. Something cool happened and there was a boost of enthusiasm. Then it sucked again. Then something cool happened again.

No one is doing everything awesome. The key is to keep going. Keep going when things are awesome and keep going when things are terrible.

Actually do MORE when things are terrible. 

Everything you make WON'T be terrible, I promise. So if you're not producing your best, keep making stuff so a gem can emerge. It's a simple numbers game. The more stuff you do and create, the more garbage you create. But within that garbage there's hidden treasures. 

It's not about creating awesome things. It's about creating things. The awesome will come, but you haven't earned it yet. You'll never earn it, so you'll have to keep creating.. forever. You'll never reach the point where you say, "Cool, I'm good enough now, so I'll just hang out." 

I guess some people do say that. Losers say that. Quitters say that.

But not me. Not you. 

We create garbage. Every day, more garbage.

Every day a potential to create something awesome is hiding, but the more you look for it, the deeper it goes. The only way to find it is through doing more work, creating more things.

Here's some thoughts:

  • Someone has been waiting for what you have to offer. Keep going long enough to find each other. 
  • Fail and do it quickly. Everyone sucks at first.. then almost everyone stops. You don't start out being good at anything. You get good by being bad for a long time. 
  • Spin everything that happens to you into a positive. Take lessons from every failure. People that seek positives find more positives. It's a way of literally increasing your luckiness. 
  • Rejection is only redirection. You were off path. Rejection is helping you get back on your path. You're moving onto something bigger and better. 
  • You'll never be perfect, but you can be better. Don't worry about where your final destination is. No one knows. Think about how tomorrow can be better than today. Your destination will be your journey.

Keep creating. People are watching. People are waiting.