Why I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions..

new years resolutions

Have you ever followed through on a New Year's Resolution? Do you have the same one every year? 85% of New Year's Resolutions fall through by Valentine's Day. I just made that up, but I bet it's pretty close to being true. 

We LOVE the idea of a fresh start. 

This year will be the year I change. This year I will live how I want to live. 

But of course I'm not going to start today. I'm going to keep eating candy bars and sit on my ass all day until January 1st. I never need to do anything TODAY, because I can always start TOMORROW. What will one day really hurt?

We don't really want to change our behaviors. We want to imagine how great life would be if we changed. It's a much better fantasy to live than going through the pain of actually making a change. 

What's your resolution this year?

Why don't you start doing that today? Right now. If you can't start right now, what makes you think you'll start on the 1st?

New Year's Resolutions are stupid. 

Not because I don't think improvement is important, but because resolutions never work. You need a lifestyle resolution.

Don't begin the New Year as a fresh start.

Begin today as a fresh start for the rest of your life. 

Make a New Year's Resolution if you want to change for a month or two, but if you want to change what your life looks like, you've got to make those decisions every day

This year, my New Year's Resolution is to wake up every day and have a "New Day Resolution." 

I'm not going to start something next year.

I'm starting today.

I'm starting now.

And I'm going to have to start over tomorrow. 

I'm going to have to start over every moment of every day. 

I know I can't make a decision of how the next year will go, but I CAN make a decision of how this moment right now will go.

This moment is awesome.

Something might happen soon that won't be awesome, so I better keep enjoying and appreciating right now.

Maybe if I keep making awesome moments right now, they'll add up to an awesome year.

That's my resolution. Are you with me?