Let's stop talking ourselves out of creating something the world needs.

I was talking to my friend about having the confidence to walk on stage in front a crowd of strangers. It's an interesting thing with most people, not just entertainers - that from the outside, what we're doing looks like we're being brave and courageous, but on the inside sometimes we are full of insecurities and self-doubt. 

Most people know they aren't living up to their full potential, and while that can be encouraging and inspiring, it can also put a hurting on your self-esteem (but only if you allow it to). 

I'm always working to improve my performances because I know I can learn from each show and make the next one better, but sometimes it becomes an obsession and I have to remind myself that sometimes good enough really is good enough. 

I remember having an elementary school art teacher who's motto was "Good enough is not good enough." 

See, she was planting in our little brains that things have to be perfect. That we need to keep putting more work in until it's just right. 

I wish I was smarter back then to realize how wrong she was. Art is not perfect. Art will never be perfect. It's often the case that the more work and effort you put in might make it worse. 

It might be better to let things flow and see what happens. 

This doesn't mean we should be lazy and wait for things to happen. Quite the opposite in fact. We need to be hustling everyday, creating new things, sharing new ideas. 

After this performance at Pittsburgh First Night celebration, a gentleman approached me to say this was the best show he's ever seen in the past 6 or 7 years of coming. Remember, the world is waiting to experience what you have to offer. Don't let a stupid voice in your head get in the way. 

Everyone is full of good ideas, but good ideas are worthless until you do something with them. Then they become real. They become valuable because the rest of the world can experience them. 

Nothing I do is perfect and it never will be. Until recently I found that frustrating and affected me in a negative way. 

When we start focusing on how awesome things are and our potential to inspire others we realize that self-doubt and insecurities have no place in our lives. I think it's ok to acknowledge them, but only if you're willing to tell them to get lost. 

If you stop searching for perfection, maybe it'll find you.