Recommended Reading

Chris Ruggiero blog recommended reading books

I've been digging into some great books lately. Here are a few that you might be interested in. Do you have a good book you'd like to recommend? Send me a message so I can check it out! Contact me.

This is an amazingly in depth look at every step of Walt Disney's career. Every page has an inspiring story of Walt not accepting anything except incredible success.

Do you ever feel "resistance" when taking on a new project or thinking about achieving a new goal? This book reminds us how important it is to push through these challenges and create our art, no matter what.

Barry is someone who I personally look up to as a role model. He has had an impressive career as a professional juggler. Now he's on a mission to inspire people to take a look at the food we are eating. This is a guide to how and why we should at least consider eliminating sugar from our diet.

Do people keep telling you "no"? Maybe it's time for you to tell yourself "yes!" We no longer have to wait for permission from other people to achieve our craziest goals and pursue our dreams. You can "choose yourself" and write a book, create art, make music, film movies, host podcasts, or whatever else you want to do.

This is my book! Of course I added it in here. It's so hard to make decisions to jump in and take the first step when we are thinking about doing something new. It's scary! The uncertainty keeps most of us in a world of playing it safe. I'm urging you to take that first step and see where it takes you. JUST GO!