Your Choice: Talk or Do

I can't be doing things if I'm talking about doing things.

What happens when I keep talking about big plans or the grand idea I have?

I feel good.

I feel good because people praise me for the great work that I didn't even do. I'm getting the same blast of feel-good dopamine from talking about doing something as I'm looking for from actually doing it.


What happens tomorrow?

I want more feel good praise for my ideas.

More! Give me more!

More likes, more followers, more telling me I'm awesome.

The problem is I still haven't done anything.

I've still only talked about it, so there's no real satisfaction from creating good work... just the false sense of satisfaction from others (whether it comes from a pat on the back from family/friends, instagram likes/followers or whatever).

It goes away INSTANTLY, but I want more... NOW.

Yesterday I got 300 likes on an instagram selfie. Today I want to post 3 and get 1000 likes on each.

When will it end?

It ends when I stop talking about making stuff and I make stuff.

It ends when I get real satisfaction from making good art instead of chasing a feeling of praise from other people.

The best way to get people to listen is to stop talking.

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