Eliminating uncertainties or creating uncertainties?

It seems that as we get older we seek to have less uncertainty in all aspects of our lives.

We strive for a routine to fall into. A comfortable feeling of 'settling down.'

I love when things just work, but it comes at a price. When things are smooth sailing, I get lazy. I assume it'll always be like this.

No matter how smooth the seas are at this moment, a storm is sure to come... sooner than you think. You need to be able to think on your feet. Don't get too comfortable where you are.

It goes back to the idea of beginner's luck. Beginners aren't luckier. They just haven't fallen into a rut. The comfort rut might feel good, but it doesn't allow for growth or improvement.

Less uncertainty means less possibility, less fantasy, less everything.

Outside of your comfort zone lies unlimited possibility. It's uncertain, sure, but isn't that what makes it great?

Comfort is, after all, comfortable... but maybe it's time to start making the uncomfortable feel comfortable.

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*"Comfort Wants You Dead" graphic by the amazing Nathan Yoder