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"Just Go" Book by Chris Ruggiero
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Have you ever wanted to escape... leave it all behind... live that adventure you'vebeen playing in your mind your entire life?

"Just Go" is my adventure. I've traveled around the world, met incredible people, and seen my dreams transform into reality.

It all came from one decision. Stop thinking about it. JUST GO.

In part ONE, I share some of my favorite and least favorite moments from traveling around the world with my juggling variety show. On the road, one day will range from excitement and adventure to loneliness and disappointment and everything in between. You'll hear it all. 

Part TWO highlights some of my favorite photos from my collection of travels.

Part THREE brings shorter stand-alone essays inspired by my blog. Most of this section is recalling an experience and reflecting on a lesson learned. Whether you're a world traveler or not, the stories will get you excited to get out and start living an exciting and adventurous life most people only dream of. 

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Gets Ya Motivated! Love It! Must READ!
Loved reading “Just Go” by “Chris Ruggiero” Amazing stories, life experiences. Get’s ya motivated to Just GO, Be Yourself and live life, Don’t hold back. I recommend anyone to read this book. Thank you Chris for Taking the time to write this. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to another book!
Chris’ story is a great read on how to stay motivated.
Chris’ story is a great read on how to stay motivated while pursuing your dream. Chris’ story is helpful for any artist out there looking to pursue their art. Chris discusses what often brings us down as artists and how we have to let go of all these negative voices that get stuck in our head in order to move forward! He is a true voice of motivation and positivity! Great read!
You won’t be able to put it down!!
- Nina
A must-read for anyone sitting at home thinking ‘what am I doing with my life?’ A very wise person once said “JUST GO!” I think this book is very motivational and uplifting!!
Great book for everyone that’s aiming for something more in life!
Really enjoyed this book. Just like Chris I am professional entertainer that travels the world.. Most people say I am living my dream but reading this book made me realize how to make my reality that I dreamed about even better! Great book for everyone that aiming for something more in life!
I love this book and read it cover to cover in ...
Wow... a 20-something that has told his life story (so far) in an engaging and motivational style. I love this book and read it cover to cover in about 2 hours. I plan to give it to my 13-year old this weekend and have him read it. There are lessons in this book for anyone who still has a heartbeat. Just Go is a must read for anyone who is done wondering ‘if there is anything else to life’.
A very good read, funny
A very good read, funny, clever, inspirational are a few words that come to mind. Highly recommended.
If you have the chance to see Chris’ show, see it. You won’t be disappointed....Buy the book!
I enjoyed the fact that Chris used both large scale examples...
I enjoyed the fact that Chris used both large scale examples and his own personal experience in this book. It was relatable and often comical, while being an easy read. It held my attention the entire time.