Hi Heather and team!

Thanks for considering me for this event!

My One Man Variety Show might be a great fit for this. The show is a high energy experience full of juggling, magic, comedy and stunts that leaves audiences laughing and amazed.

Feel free to share this page with any of your decision makers for the planning of this and let me know if you have any questions.


Ellen calls the performance... EPIC!


Audiences agree, The One Man Variety Show is a perfect addition to your event.


Tech stuff:

All that's needed for my show is a space to perform and a sound system that I'm able to plug into with microphone and music player (standard XLR connections). I'm able to provide my own sound system and operator if needed (this is preferred).

Space needed can be flexible. Typically if the stage area is at least 12' wide x 10' deep and has ceiling height of 10' I can make it work (although bigger is always better).

The stage area should be properly lit for audience to see the show.

Suggested timing of the show:

45 minutes is usually a sweet spot for my show. I can offer a bigger show with additional performers if you'd like to extend up to 60 minutes. We can chat some options for this if you might be interested. I usually bring another 2 acts. A hoop/contortion act fits really well within my show and I can also bring a comic to round out the show. It turns into an awesome variety show that is really engaging.

You mentioned a possibility of a mingling show, but for my stuff, I've found engagement is better when the show is at a set time and location and guests are seated to watch the show.


One Man Variety Show Performance fee (solo show-just Chris): $3,750

Full Variety Show (Chris as the main act/MC, with 2 additional performers): $5,000

Prices are all inclusive. No additional travel or lodging fees.

Fee if Chris provides sound system and sound tech: $425

If you have any questions or ideas, I'm happy to chat to make this amazing for you, and if you're ready to lock it in, I have a simple contract I can get right out to you.