December 17 Entertainment Ideas

It was great to hear about your upcoming event on December 17! The guests are ready for an amazing night and I'm here to create a night of entertainment full of laughter and amazement.

I'd love to be considered as the entertainment for the night. My One Man Variety Show is a great fit for this. With juggling, magic, comedy and crowd participation, we'll have a blast.

I have another performer, Elizabeth Fraley in mind who would be a great addition to really add an even bigger wow factor to the night. She does a combo of contortion and hooping. You can check out a sample of her work below. She also has a new LED hoop act which might be really cool to incorporate into the show.

Feel free to share this page with any of your decision makers for the planning of this and let me know if you have any questions.

Chris Ruggiero

Elizabeth Fraley

Show details: approximately 20 minute stage performance

Fees: I have an all-inclusive rate so there's no extra fees for lodging/travel/etc. The only thing needed is a performance space and sound system. I have options available to provide full sound system if needed. Please contact for details.

Solo Show (One Man Variety Show, just Chris): $1,950

Duo Show (Chris with Elizabeth hooping/contortion): $2,250

I'd personally recommend the duo show. It really adds a lot to the show having an extra performer.

If you have any questions or ideas, I'm happy to chat to make this amazing for you, and if you're ready to lock it in, I have a simple contract I can get right out to you.


610 509-3476