Thanks for considering me for this event on December 9 at the Suncoast!

My One Man Variety Show might be a great fit for this. The show is a high energy experience full of juggling, magic, comedy and stunts that leaves audiences laughing and amazed.

Feel free to share this page with any of your decision makers for the planning of this and let me know if you have any questions.


Ellen calls the performance... EPIC!


Audiences agree, The One Man Variety Show is a perfect addition to your event.


Tech stuff:

All that's needed for my show is a space to perform, a sound system, and an audience ready for a good time. I am able to provide my own sound system if needed.

Space needed can be flexible. Typically if the stage area is at least 12' wide x 10' deep and has ceiling height of 10' I can make it work. A low riser (12-18 inches high) is great for the 'stage'.

The stage area should be properly lit for audience to see the show. Theatrical stage lights are preferred but not necessary as long as the stage area is lit well.

The audience should be seated near the stage and as close to the center of the room as possible. Some ballrooms are set up with the audience all the way on the sides and a dancefloor in front of the performance area, which makes it hard for them to see and enjoy the show. This should be avoided if possible.

Suggested timing of the show:

I highly suggest dedicating a time for the performance when nothing else is happening. My show is best when the audience is fully engaged and not distracted by servers and food. The ideal time is immediately after tables have been cleared from dinner.

Performance details:

Date: December 9

Location: Suncoast Hotel

After dinner entertainment, approximately 60 minute performance

Approximately 60 guests


 Performance fee: $1,500 + 1 hotel room at venue for night of December 9


If you have any questions or ideas let me know. I'm here to make this amazing for your guests.

If you're ready to lock it in, I have a simple contract I can send over to you.