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Macie! Feel free to share this with the rest of your crew.

I create visuals that tell stories and connect with viewers.

With a background in live theater, I love bringing stories of amazing people, places, and communities to life.

That's what attracts me to GT's. It's more than a drink. It's about a lifestyle and a community.

Some of my recent work is below. I'd love to chat some ideas to see what your social media goals for the new year are and if there might be a fit for me to help.

I'm particularly interested in merging the lifestyle type videos with interesting stories of individuals.

  • A specific example could be a video or series of lifestyle interviews of people who are "fueled by GT's". Artists, musicians, performers, etc could all share their story and your products can be featured.
  • Another idea could be an adventure again "fueled by GT's" where we assemble a group of adventurers and go on a roadtrip to explore and discover an amazing place while showcasing and featuring the product.
  • To simplify, some of these ideas can be accomplished just with photos, or photo content can be added to tell a full story across multiple platforms.

I'd love to dig deeper to see what you're thinking for new content as I have other ideas that might be a fit as well! These could of course be scaled to fit needs and budgets.



“I’ve been meaning to make a promotional video for years but wanted it to look good and capture the vibe of the event. Chris did just that... equal parts beautiful and stylistic. He also finished it in record time allowing me to reach a larger audience and create a buzz for future shows.”
— Seth A.
“I’m in tears. OMG OMG OMG. I’ve had this company for 10 years and I’ve tried so many different times to have something like this and this is way better than I’ve ever imagined... beyond my expectations. I really really appreciate you.”
— Madison O.
Chris was extremely professional and so easy to work with! I was nervous that my vision for the video wouldn’t transfer well but Chris was very intuitive and helped showcase what I’m all about! He is super helpful and conversational, and I felt so comfortable filming with him. Thanks again, Chris for working your magic and helping me launch my business to a whole new audience!
— Maddie H.

I'm available to chat any concepts or ideas you'd like to explore!

If you have any questions or ideas, I can be reached at or 610 509-3476