Video content is in higher demand than ever.

Brands, individuals, bars, clubs, and every business that needs to stay relevant must be producing new content weekly or daily.

I've spent the past 10 years creating my own content and now I'm ready to take everything I've learned to the next level.

I'm making short form video content for social media, promotions, and commercials for clients who have amazing stories to tell and an audience waiting to hear about them.

The problem has traditionally been that a production company is really expensive because they are stuck in the past; afraid to innovate. What they did in the past worked, but it doesn't work anymore.

In today's world, consistency is essential. It's not enough to produce one blockbuster commercial and throw it in a 30 second Super Bowl commercial spot and wait for customers to care.

Brands must aggressively attack.

Attack with consistent content; every day, or at least every week.

But since traditional production companies are so expensive (while most of their budget goes to waste on excessive things that aren't important), I enter the scene to offer affordable solutions to create reliable content that delivers results.

Here are some of my recent projects:


I spent a night with The GoGo Hoop Dance Stars to capture a Los Angeles event. I was responsible for shooting and editing.


Summertime holds a feeling of infinite possibility, but can also slip away if you don't make the most of it. I wrote, shot and edited this to capture the summertime vibes of Southern California in collaboration with lifestyle brand, Between Dreams.

A purely visual piece created for lifestyle brand Between Dreams simply to help establish the vibe and look of the company.

Life is made of small moments. They can fly by or you can enjoy and appreciate every one of them. A short piece I wrote, shot, and edited for lifestyle brand, Between Dreams.

Los Angeles is full of incredible individuals. My goal with this video was to share one of the most unique and exciting events I've seen in Hollywood.

A short collection of visuals I filmed/edited for lifestyle brand, Between Dreams.

I wrote, shot and edited this as a short promo to capture the essence of my book, "Just Go"

So what happens next?

I'm targeting brands who are looking to get more bang out of their budget. Living in Los Angeles, there are endless opportunities. From independent brands to juice stands to nightclubs to major retailers, I'm developing the reputation as the guy who delivers results.

"I've been meaning to make a promotional video for years but wanted it to look good and capture the vibe of the event. Chris did just that... equal parts beautiful and stylistic. He also finished it in record time allowing me to reach a larger audience and create a buzz for future shows." -Seth A.
"I'm in tears. OMG OMG OMG. I've had this company for 10 years and I've tried so many different times to have something like this and this is way better than I've ever imagined... beyond my expectations. What's your venmo? I want to tip you. I really really appreciate you." -Madison O.


what do I need?

While I operate on a fraction of the cost of major production companies, clients still care about high quality images. Proper camera gear is essential.

I can be up and running with a $5,000 investment with a 20% return within 1 year.

Where's the money going?

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 10.47.11 PM.png

Sony a6500 is the ideal balance between portability, image quality and value. $1,400

Sony 35mm f1.8 lens is one of the most universal lenses that can be used in almost any setting including low light scenes to capture great images. $450

LiteMat is the Hollywood standard lighting. It's what major movies and television productions rely on to make things look incredible.  $1,900

SmallHD monitor is a brand new product that brings major film production functionality to a budget friendly package. $500

Additional accessories, mounting hardware, batteries, memory cards, light stands, etc. $500+

I'm ready to take this to the next level and I'm excited to have you on board. I'd love to chat and address any concerns you have.

Let's chat.

610 509-3476 or