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How to break free from the daily routine to create an amazing experience out of each day. 

A study by Harris Interactive indicates 74 percent of people are not content and are considering a new job. Most Americans are unhappy with their job, yet they continue to show up every day!

" Just Go " The new book from Chris Ruggiero

"Just Go" The new book from Chris Ruggiero

Author of the new book, JUST GO, Chris Ruggiero has created an exciting and adventurous life of traveling and exploring new experiences each day and he's passionate about helping others do the same.


In this segment Chris will share with your audience 4 simple steps to escape the daily routine and develop a plan to create a life full of adventure and excitement. 

Props: As an entertainer who has traveled the world, Chris will share a quick juggling demo and get the host of your show involved as well!

Celebrities who quit their jobs to chase their dreams:

  • Harrison Ford (carpenter)
  • Brad Pitt (fast food costumed character)
  • Madonna (Dunkin Donuts)
  • Johnny Depp (phone salesman)

According to Chris, it's all about LIFE

- Learn new skills to experience new things each day

- Initiate a plan to get started

- Flexibility - be able to go with the flow when the unexpected happens

E - Enjoy yourself everyday and you'll have the best life possible

Who is Chris?

After graduating Penn State University in 2008 Chris has:

  •  Traveled with his live theater show to every corner of the world. Highlights include performing for the troops in the Indian Ocean, nationwide tours of universities in the U.S. and Canada, regularly performing in NYC variety shows and being a cast member in multiple Atlantic City casino productions.
  • Created a podcast featuring interviews with other entertainers, travelers and interesting people of all kinds. 
  • Developed a blog to share stories and lessons learned from taking risks and living life on your own terms. 
  • Collaborated with artists to create Between Dreams, a clothing line specializing in hand drawn graphics and typography. 


Chris Ruggiero

610 509-3476


On stage in NYC

On top of the Hollywood sign

On top of the Hollywood sign

On tour with NFL Cheerleaders

Visiting the presidents in South Dakota

Performing tricks in the street for tips

On a movie set in NYC

Performing for the troops in the Indian Ocean