Wednesday Nov 22

I'm excited to have you on board with this.

Wardrobe ideas:

Boho, beach, hipster. A day at the beach, but less bikini/bathing suit, more hanging out with friends.

Shorts, flowy shirts, crop tops, hoodies, beanies/baseball caps, sandals, bags, backpacks, flannel/denim overshirts, light jewelry/accessories.

Arrive with light, natural makeup/hair.

The goal is to capture fun and show a California beach day with friends.

Feel free to bring any beach accessories.

Video Concept:

A group of friends meeting at the beach, walking along the beach path, having fun in the sand, and ending with a picnic at sunset.


Meet at Venice Pier and we will shoot in the walking distance area.

Sunset comes quick, so let's meet at 1:30 and plan to shoot til sunset.

I can be reached at


610 509-3476

Phone call or text is best when you arrive.