You paid a bunch of money (or are thinking about paying a bunch of money) for a new camera so you can take epic photos, but once you get it, you feel lost and the images aren’t quite how you imagined.

Sound familiar?

The solution is learning how to use your camera in manual mode so you take the photos YOU want, instead of leaving it up to the camera to decide what settings to use.

It doesn’t need to be complicated.

There are a few basics you can learn and I can help.

But I have a confession: I never took a photography class.

I learned the hard way.

It took me years to learn how to take the photos I saw in my mind.

But you don’t need years.

In my beginner-friendly online course, we’ll go over the basics to allow you to capture incredible images and develop your own personal style whether you want to make money from taking photos or simply capture moments to remember.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with tech, gadgets and advanced settings, so we’re simplifying everything so you get just what you need.

We’ll go over basics like aperture, exposure, and ISO settings as well as general concepts to take better photos.

some of My recent work:

are you Ready?

We’re putting the finishing touches on the course materials that will be released the first week of May 2019.

In order to make this accessible for everyone, the price will be just $40.

Even better, if you pre-order now (before April 15), you can get it for half price - 20 bucks and you’ll get first access upon release in May.

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what will you get?

  • Access to the on-demand video classes to be viewed anytime

  • Access to private facebook group where Chris is available to answer specific questions and review your photos - also get feedback and tips from the rest of the community

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About your teacher:
Chris spent the past 10+ years traveling with his live theater show where he learned how to make photos and videos by building his own promo materials.

The work eventually caught the attention of other performers and national brands who now hire him to create marketing content.

He loves creating art that matters and inspiring others to do the same.

He’s currently the host of the Between Dreams Podcast, the producer of the Between Dreams Sessions, and creative director at Beyond Dreams Creative where he consults with brands and businesses to create content that connects, engages and inspires audiences.

He’s available for one-on-one instruction as well. Reach out for more - chris@beyonddreamscreative.com