Shane Burcaw Interview

"I think life is a lot more beautiful when you're able to laugh when you fall off the toilet instead of being upset the rest of the day."  -Shane

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Shane is spreading smiles to the people who need them the most. He was born with spinal muscular atrophy, but he hasn't let that slow him down.

He runs the Laughing At My Nightmare BLOG, speaks at events across the country, and helps others in need with his non-profit, also called Laughing At My Nightmare, his book, (you guessed it) also called Laughing At My Nightmare is available on Amazon by clicking HERE.

I loved chatting with him and am very happy to share our conversation with you here.

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Shane is living a big life, not just dreaming about it, so I'm happy to offer this: Purchase anything from the Between Dreams Store, use the code SHANE at checkout and get 10% off your order. We'll also donate all the profits from those orders directly to Laughing At My Nightmare.

I believe in the work they are doing and I'm happy to help. I hope you'll do the same.

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