Everyone keeps asking my advice then ignoring it...

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I encourage everyone to reach out if they think I can help in any way. I know how awesome it is to get some tips or motivation from someone who's already done what you want to do.

I ask people to reach out to me no matter what they're pursuing. The lessons I've learned traveling with my show, writing a book, hosting a podcast, taking photos and doing all the other things that make this a 'business' are universal to any type of work.

Get shit done.

The problem with almost everyone who connects with me is that they ask for advice they aren't willing to accept.

You'd think people are expecting a handout of some sort and I always offer to do whatever I can. I've offered to take photos, help create videos, make podcasts. I've told people I'd do their entire book layout for them because I know they'll never do it themselves. Even if I can't offer something specific, I'm always down to drop a few ideas to get the word out and help people doing cool stuff connect with an audience.

No one ever takes me up on the offers!

It's like they want to fail. Being successful will be something new, and new things are scary. Let's keep failing because that's what we're used to! There's comfort in the struggle.

They just ask for advice so they can justify complaining about how nothing they're doing is working.

I've offered ideas to musicians, writers, and other performers of all kinds.

Here's an idea for a musician that needs to build a following.

Write a 30 second song and send it to every dancer and hoola hooper on instagram that has more than 5k followers and tell them you think that song might be cool for them to dance to. If they make a video, ask them for a shout out. When 100 influential people are posting your song, you have an audience that's waiting for more music, and it costs you zero dollars.

Here's an idea for a writer that wants people to read their work.

Live morning show in Baltimore.

Live morning show in Baltimore.

Live morning show in Pittsburgh.

Live morning show in Pittsburgh.

PUBLISH A BOOK. If you want to be a writer, write a book.

Done, you're a writer.

Call the news and convince them to let you be on TV. LOOK, THAT'S WHAT I DO.

I'm not special. I wanted to write a book and go on TV to talk about it. I didn't write emails asking authors how to do it. I DID IT.

Stop asking people for things that you already know how to get yourself.

You can self-publish a book by doing everything yourself and have a book in your hand in a month and it will cost you less than the coffee and redbulls you buy everyday.

When I get messages from writers asking for advice, I simply ask what book they have out. When they say none, I know they're just posers. They like the idea of telling people they want to write a book, but don't have it in them to do the work.

That's all it comes down to. DO THE WORK and stop talking about it.

I will give advice to anyone. It's probably all going to be the same.

Stop waiting for a publisher to pick up your book. They don't care about you.

Stop trying to get record labels to listen to your song. They don't care about you.

Why is everyone waiting for other people to allow them to do what they want?? I can't imagine how angry previous generations would be to see the opportunity available for everyone in the present. The playing field has NEVER been this level.

Every single person has a shot. And no one's taking it.

I'm taking every shot I can, and my advice to you is to do the same. If you don't take what's yours, I'll gladly take it for myself.