If things don't feel out of control, you aren't going fast enough

I took this photo on my recent trip to LA. Keep learning new things and you'll be ready to create awesome things every day.

I took this photo on my recent trip to LA. Keep learning new things and you'll be ready to create awesome things every day.

When I was younger I used to go mountain biking all summer.

I never realized the life lessons this was offering as I was just doing it for fun.

When you're on a bike, there's an element that's out of your control. Gravity is fighting hard to ruin your day by making your face hit the ground, but with a bit of skill, you can harness the power of gravity and turn it into an exciting ride. The thrill of barely hanging on as the tires fight to grip the loose soil is exhilarating. 

In order to enjoy this ride, you've got to get to the top of the hill. Riding a bike up a steep hill will make you appreciate the gas pedal in your car like nothing else. But once on top, you've put the work in, now you can enjoy the rewards you've worked hard for. The thrilling ride down is about to start.

We all want to go for that ride down the hill. We want to do the fun things that we see people doing in TV commercials.

Before we get to do any of that, we have to put the work in. We have to get to the top of the hill before we can enjoy the ride down.

In a few recent TV appearances, I talk about how this isn't about riding a bike, but living life.

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Pushing ourselves up the hill on the bike is the equivalent of building a solid foundation by learning new skills.

Opportunities are constantly being offered to us, but we are often not prepared to take advantage of them. Sometimes we are so unprepared, we don't even see them.

By taking action every day to learn something new, or simply experience something from a new perspective sets us up to take advantage of every opportunity available.

It might feel overwhelming to learn something new every day, like you're going too fast, but I simply do things I'm interested in and am learning constantly.

I learned how to use photoshop by editing photos I take while traveling, I learned how to record and edit audio by creating music tracks for my show, now I know how to produce my own podcast. I created my own website, now I help others create theirs.

Even if you don't read my book, take a lesson from the title.


The first step is the most important, but it never ends.

You have to also KEEP GOING.

Keep going faster until it feels like you've lost control.

After the ride down the hill, you've got to climb back to the top to do it again.

If you never stop climbing to the top, you'll continue to enjoy the ride back down.

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