Creating art is vital

If you've been connected to any source of information (you're reading a blog on the internet right now), you're getting bombarded with trash disguised as something that someone says you need. Advertisers and 'news' outlets are filling your brain with anything it takes to keep you clicking back for more. I'm not selling you anything, so you can trust me… Or can you? Maybe I'm just as bad as buzzfeed top 10 articles. 

But isn't it funny how we can't help ourselves from being attracted to the most terrible things? We know we shouldn't want to look, but we can't stop ourselves!

Take a glance at your Facebook feed and notice what most of the stories are. Mine is full of crime stories, police violence, and various other nonsense that I keep getting sucked into. Someone posts a controversial post and I start to get angry at these people I don't even know who are posting idiotic comments! I'm physically getting angry at strangers talking about something I don't even really care about. 

Alley by the Lake by Leonid Afremov. I love his art. It makes me feel good. 

Alley by the Lake by Leonid Afremov. I love his art. It makes me feel good. 

But we're not doomed. People are creating good art and the masses are watching. I know this is true because of shows like Ellen, puppy youtube videos and various other good spirited links that pop up. 

It's vital for every one of us to create art every day. Maybe you've never picked up a paintbrush. That's cool, you don't want to see me try to paint anything. Art isn't about taking a brush or a pen to paper. 

Art is creating something today that didn't exist yesterday. Maybe it's a smile on someone's face. Maybe it's a smile on your face. 

For me, creating art looks like so many different things.

I'm lucky that I get paid to perform my live show all over the world. I get to share my talents with people of all ages and make them smile. Not having to go to a 'normal' job gives me freedom to create other things almost every day. I approach everything I do with my audience in mind. I want to inspire and motivate people to do cool things with their life. 

I get to interview amazing performers, artists and travelers regularly on my podcast. I don't get paid to create a podcast (and a ton of time and work goes into every episode). Is it worth it? Absolutely. If one person is inspired by the people I talk to, it was worth it. 

I write this blog, again, never getting paid for it. Worth it? Yup. 

I make videos where I get to share experiences that other people might not get to do. Like this one from a recent trip across the country to explore some amazing places and meet incredible people. It's all about broadening your perspective and increasing the size of your funnel to catch more opportunities. I want everyone to experience awesome stuff every day.

What do you have brewing inside you that the world needs to experience? Maybe you're an artist in one of the traditional senses - a painter, illustrator, musician, film maker or a photographer...

More likely, you're an artist of human experience. Your gift is being able to talk to strangers, or make your friends smile at silly things,  or maybe you're really good at listening and comforting people. 

Your art isn't your leisure. It's your duty. You have been blessed with talents and gifts that every one of us need. 

The internet isn't going away and neither are crappy posts fighting for you attention. You can accept them OR you can fight back.

We can win, but we've go to do it together. Together we can make things better.. with art. 

Someone needs you.

I need you.

Keep creating. 

What is your 'art'? What are you creating today that never existed before? Leave a comment to let me know. I'll help in any way I can because I believe in you.