Mario the Magician inspires me and blows my mind in this podcast.

I have been more and more amazed with each guest on my podcast. Each one seems to get better. The guests have all be absolutely brilliant, and I'm learning how to hold a real interview and conversation. It's exciting to see how it continues to evolve. 

This leads us to the latest! Set aside 30 minutes when you can give this some attention. Listen now or download it so you can listen to it while working out or riding in a car or whatever.

Mario drops some realness about being a performer, doing things your own way, and just being an overall badass. You'll learn something from this. It gets especially good about halfway in, but the entire thing is awesome. 

You can listen right here by clicking the play button (or download to listen later!) It's also on iTunes by clicking here.

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We talked about a few things that I know you will want to check out. As you listen these photos will make sense. 

Mario's handmade crank busker organ.

Mario's handmade coins.

Mario's handmade coins.

Bradley GT built by Mario.

Bradley GT built by Mario.

Mario's rendition of NOFX linoleum which was created by hand of course and played on his crank organ.