Why being bad at things is awesome...

I see people doing cool stuff all the time and wish I could be like them. I don’t want to spend the time they put into learning how to do it. I just want to be good at it right now.

Some people say with 10 thousand hours of practice you can be an expert at anything. I dont know if that’s true, but I imagine if I spent 5 hours every day for 5 years I’d be pretty good at almost anything.

What does being an expert even mean? Is there some day when you wake up and can claim that title? Do you slowly progress toward it? Are you ever really an expert at anything?

I want to be an expert at lots of things.. I want to be an expert entertainer, but I also want to be an expert video creator, podcast host, blog writer, friend, person.

How perfect is the world that we can’t wake up and just be great at what we want? Think about living in that world. You have an idea and you’re instantly amazing at it! But what happens next? There’s no where to go but down. That’s not a world I’m willing to live in. Sounds like constant disappointment as your dreams slowly crumble away as you pursue them.

The world we live in is perfect.

You can chase any dream you want, but when you start you’re really going to suck.. for a long time. This weeds out the losers. The ones who put an effort for a few months and don’t see immediate results, so they quit.

I want to win. But to win you have to be willing to be really bad at things. Being bad is an awesome feeling because it’s the only way to push yourself to learn new things and get closer to being an expert. If you’re living within your comfort zone, nothing awesome will be coming your way any time soon. That stuff is hiding somewhere else. But it’s waiting for you. It’s waiting for an expert. Someone to win. Someone to claim that prize.

Are you a winner? Better get started.