You can't stay where you are and go where you're trying to go.

Do cool things keep happening in your life when you're just going about your day?

Maybe they do, but if you're like most people, that's just not how things work out. Every day looks the same because we get into routines that we feel comfortable with. We like the consistency of knowing what to expect. When we do the same things we did yesterday, today will turn out the same. Maybe it wasn't an incredible day but you didn't die so your biology says it was a success.

'Do that again. Keep having days that you don't die,' something in our brain tells us.

So we do what we did yesterday so we don't die. 

The problem is you might die anyway. 

We never leave our comfort zone. When we do, sometimes it actually feels like dying.. or that we'd rather die. That sounds extreme, but it's so true. 

As I'm writing this, I'm noticing how much I'm talking to myself and trying to take my own advice. Everything I've accomplished is a direct result of taking a leap of faith. It's scary. That never goes away.

In a recent conversation, I talked about some of the things I've accomplished. There's plenty that I'm very proud of. Creating a show that tours around the world...and people pay me, hosting a podcast (that no one pays me for), writing these blog posts, collaborating with artists to create my clothing line, and so many moments with friends and strangers I'll remember forever.

All of these things took a huge investment to make a reality. Sometimes an investment of straight up money, but usually just an investment of my thoughts and energy.

Let's climb mountains. Maybe you even want to literally climb mountains. Get out there and do it!

Let's climb mountains. Maybe you even want to literally climb mountains. Get out there and do it!

Take ONE thing every day that scares you. The more it scares you, the more important it is for you to do. Make the decision to take some kind of action on that thing.

Start today. 

What's the worst that can happen? 

You probably won't die. 

If you start to live outside your comfort zone, even just for a moment each day, that comfort zone will get bigger and bigger. Each time you push, it reacts by getting bigger. Things that terrify you today might be some of your favorite activities next year. 

Keep not dying. 

But remember to start living. 

Leave a comment letting me and other readers know about something you're going to do today that will challenge your comfort zone. 

This week, I'm putting together proposals to call morning news shows to get on tv. I'm scared, but I'll survive.