How can you get a little better every day?

Big improvements, or changes of any kind, never happen overnight. When we see someone (or ourselves) go through a big change, we're seeing the results of many tiny changes adding up. 

Whether it's losing weight, gaining weight, or acquiring a new skill, everything happens in tiny steps. 

Often at first there's some instant changes. It's what people call beginner's luck and it's there to help us not quit after the first day. 

But then it gets more challenging.

When the beginner's luck wears off, life seems to throw us a test to see how bad we really want it. 

The first challenge we see is the initial plateau. We'll see progress right at first, but inevitably we'll hit a wall where things seem to slow down (or move backwards it seems). 

I don't have an answer to why this happens or really an answer to how to avoid it. It happens. Always. 

My new clothing line Between Dreams. Was it easy to start this? Absolutely not. But it's becoming something amazing because I'm working past the plateaus. 

There's nothing you can do to stop it so you have to work through it. Think back to when you first started. Maybe you you've lost some enthusiasm since then. Figure out a way to get excited about your work and get through it. 

The light on the other side of the tunnel is closer than you think. Your next step might be the one that takes you to the next level. 

In a podcast I listened to recently Tim Ferriss mentioned how one blog post can change your entire life. You don't know which little idea in your head might be the one to change the world, so you've got to get as many of them out into the world as possible. 

There are things you can do and think and create that no one else in the world can. Don't be selfish with you gifts, talents, and skills.

Create something today and assume it'll be the thing that changes the world.