The gatekeepers have all been fired.

Before the internet created a way for us to instantly connect with an audience, we had to convince someone else to give us a shot. We had to seek a record contract to release music, go to auditions to be an actor, go to college to start a business, get approval from a publisher to write a book.

The gatekeeper's job is to keep people out. Like the nightclub doorman, if you're not on the list, you've got no chance.

Guess what?

You're not on the list and you probably never will be.

It's not like you've been kicked off for doing anything wrong. You just never got the invite.

I never got the invite either. 

So now what?

It's time to build your own club and invite yourself.

I think every moment in history is the best time to be alive. No matter what century you're alive, the opportunities have never been this easy to grab.

Imagine the thoughts of freedom and exploration that went through people's minds when they heard that everyone could own their own automobile!

We're right back in that moment except now we can connect with the world without even having to buy a car!

Almost none of us are utilizing this to our potential. You've got a story that is valuable to someone else to hear. What are you doing about it?

Are you telling all your friends your life would make a great movie or are you writing the book so it can actually be a movie?

Are you watching people on TV promoting their new book thinking you could have done that or are you creating your own?

Are you talking shit on the internet to people who are following their dreams or are you too busy with your own dreams to worry about what they're doing?

We have options. You can do it or you can talk about doing it.

Stop talking.

Start doing.

(Maybe you'll argue that all I'm doing is talking here, but tune into CBS Pittsburgh this Tuesday (March 31) morning to see me share ideas from my new book on Pittsburgh Today Live Morning Show. I've talked about it long enough, so now I'm doing it.)

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