Can you trick the world into giving you more luck?

What is luck anyway?

We see lucky people as those who get more opportunities without having to work for them. For some reason they get handed awesome things while we are struggling away with no reward.

The "overnight success" got so lucky.

That friend with the awesome job got so lucky.

We have this weird desire to believe that luck actually exists. Maybe it's a good excuse for why we aren't doing awesome things. We don't need to accept any responsibility for what our life lacks. We'll just blame it on luck. Not only do we not have good luck. We've actually been on a streak of bad luck. 

Now nothing is my fault. I can just blame it on luck. 


We can create a whole new approach to luck. 

Maybe there's a finite amount of opportunities. Finite, but a MASSIVE amount. 

Like rain drops. They aren't unlimited, but there's plenty to go around. 

These opportunities are raining down everyday. They're desperately seeking a human to catch them and turn them into reality. If not, they have to go through the whole process again. Think of these raindrops/opportunities as your next big break seeking you out, searching for you, needing you to execute them into action. If only you could be in the right place to catch it.

So how do you capture rain drops?

You can put a small glass outside and capture some of them. A shot glass isn't going to do you much good. That's what most of us are using though.


I want a bigger glass. I want a glass the size of a swimming pool with an even bigger funnel to catch even more! I want to capture every opportunity that falls out of the sky. 

How big of a funnel can you create? 

The raindrops might be limited, but the size of your funnel to catch them is unlimited. 

Every time you meet a new person, every new skill you learn, every step you take outside of your comfort zone, every singe moment that you choose to make yourself better or just experience something new makes your funnel bigger. 

lady luck

You're catching more raindrops. You're getting more opportunities without working for them. 

Looks like lady luck is on your side. 

A lot of people are going to be jealous of you becoming an 'overnight success'. We can laugh to each other thinking about how long it really took. 

In the meantime, I've got a funnel to build. I've got raindrops to catch.

And so do you, so get outside and start building.