Why you should be happy robots are stealing your job


"But it's not fair, people are losing their jobs as computers, robots and automation become more efficient."


Of course it sucks when anyone loses a job, but there are two options:

a. Bitch about it

b. Do something about it

Anyone who picks choice (a) never had a chance anyway. If it wasn't a robot, someone else would come take your job who won't complain.

Humans have always innovated. We innovate things that save us time so we can do things we enjoy instead of doing mindless work.

It started with sharpening arrows instead of trying to catch food with our hands.  It continued when someone realized a printing press could mass produce information and stories. It started to get really good when we put a motor on wheels instead of trying to make our horses walk faster.

We invented phones to keep in contact with our friends and family, then we realized they don't need cords. SUCKS TO BE THE GUY WHO OWNS THE CORD COMPANY!

But we realize this was a step forward. Yeah it really does suck that the cord company had to go out of business, but it made everyone's life better.

The people who worked at that company had to ADAPT. That's the only option for survival.

Figure out a way to make yourself marketable. Find out what the world needs, then do it, create it, make it happen.

No one cares if robots take your job. I hope a robot takes your job. I hope a robot takes my job. Then I'll have to innovate like every generation before me. I'll have to dig deep to find out what makes me happy... what I'm good at and people will pay me for... then I need to get to work.

Maybe I can repair robots, then I'll always have a job... til they repair themselves, then I'll have to learn to do something else.

Everyone has a hobby, something they actually enjoy. There's ALWAYS a market to make money from your hobby. Maybe you can make candles to sell, or write poems that people will pay to read by purchasing your books. I don't know what you enjoy doing, but there are ideas in your mind that a robot can never create.

You're never at risk for someone to take your job if you keep innovating and creating something the world needs.

I hope a robot takes your job so you're forced to do something meaningful.

Maybe you can even start today.