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Hey Ellen fans!

I'm the guy you saw juggling fire torches while balancing on a ball on ELLEN!

It was such an awesome time going to her show and being able to show off my talent.

I travel all over the world performing, making videos, taking photos, and creating podcasts where I chat with other inspiring people, and I even wrote a book about following your dreams. I hope to have my own show just like Ellen someday!

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If you're interested in checking out any of my projects, explore this site or click one of the following links!

  • MY LIVE VARIETY SHOW - See more of what I do in my comedy, juggling and magic show! You can even hire me to entertain at your upcoming event!
  • VIDEOS - Link to my YouTube page where you can follow along on some of my travel adventures.
  • PODCAST - Listen to my talks with entertainers and inspiring people of all kinds.
  • INSTAGRAM - I post photos all the time, I'd love for you to follow me! I'm @onemanvariety
  • MY BOOK, JUST GO - Doing new things is scary! I was so nervous when I met Ellen and did my crazy trick, but if there's one thing I've learned, you've got to simply take that first step and make it happen. Just Go. Tons of stories and motivation for you to start your own adventure in the book.
Fire Juggler, Chris Ruggiero, juggling on Ball on Ellen Degeneres Show

Fire Juggler, Chris Ruggiero, juggling on Ball on Ellen Degeneres Show

I would LOVE to hear from you! Do you have a hidden talent? Do you have some dreams you'd like to accomplish? Or if you just want to say hello, please email me at ruggiero.christopher@gmail.com or just click the contact button at the top right!